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WCPSS School Board

District 4 Representative


-Advocate for our schools

-Engage our community members

-Support our students, Parents, and staff

Where There's A Williams, There's A Way


Dr. Michael Tyrone Williams has been a resident of the Southeast Raleigh community since 2006. He has almost thirty years of service assisting underserved, infirmed, and challenged youth and their families. He is a licensed School counselor, School administrator, and Division superintendent by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

His academic service includes employment as a school counselor, special education teacher, school administrator, and central office staff member. Currently, he serves as an Educational Consultant for the North Carolina Division of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. He is the primary contact for the Pre-Employment Training Services program which is a collaborative effort between the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, a member of the Virtual Learning Courses Implementation Committee which is a collaborative effort between The Department of Juvenile Justice and the North Carolina Community College System and has forged and/or enhanced the department relationships with other community partners. He also works with student transition coordinatorsacross the state and serves with them to match students with the vocational, educational, and training resources they need to reduce the probability of recidivism.

Dr. Williams is a member of several professional organizations to include the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE), and Kappa Delta Pi International Education Honor Society. He is an active member of the Greater Triangle Alumni Chapter of Virginia State University and a life member of Virginia State University and Norfolk State University alumni associations.

He is also an acclaimed speaker having facilitated workshops before several national, regional, and local audiences to include The National Alliance of Black School Educators, National School Board Association Council of Urban Boards of Education, Alliance for Higher Education in Prisons, Correctional Education Association, American School Counselors Association, North Carolina Department of Commerce, and North Carolina Council for Exceptional Children to name a few.  

One of his favorite scriptures which hasmotivated him to seek this office is found in Philippians 4:13 which states “I Can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. He recognizes that it is this strength that can help him achieve the impossible, accomplish the improbable and access the unattainable.

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Dr Williams has an ambitious vision for our district which is purposed to ensure that every student, in every seat, in every class, in each school within our district earns a quality education taught by highly qualified teachers, who are equipped with the practical, instructional, and technological resources to empower them to become global citizens prepared to pursue and assume leadership positions within their communities and beyond.

The three (3) planks of our platform are:

  1. Engaging Our Stakeholders

  • Solicit and Advertise Volunteer opportunities which are available at the schools within our district. These may include opportunities to serve as lunch buddies, hall monitors, office assistants, reading buddies, etc.

  • We will recognize volunteers and partner organizations through our communications with our constituents

  • Sponsor District 4 Days at the school board meeting to display our support or disdain for initiatives being proposed or considered by the board 


  1. Supporting our Students and Staff

  • We will host “Fill the Bus” type campaign events to solicit and procure school supplies for our teachers and students

  • Advocate for credible supplemental pay increases which exceed any premium or other deductions to our team members

  • Facilitate regular “Dialogue with Doc” sessions to hear concerns from our parents, students and team members/employees and forward those concerns from this office, on their behalf  to the respective staff members


  1. Advocating for Our Schools

  • Educate school board members on the specific needs and issues from the constituents and stakeholders of our district

  • Ensure that our schools have the human, physical, and fiscal resources to adequately expedite their duties and prepare our students to become global citizens

  • Request allocation and disbursement of resources based upon enrollment and needs as indicated by the data 

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This campaign refuses to be indebted to any person or political party in an effort to be a true representative of the students, parents, faculty, and staff members who serve and reside within our district. To that end, we are not accepting ANY FINANCIAL DONATIONS for the campaign. However, WE DO NEED YOUR HELP!

If you believe that we can have more and better for the students within our district, we need you to:

  • Distribute literature to your friends, family members, colleagues, and associates

  • Extend an invitation for us to share our vision with your friends, family members, faith based, fraternal, social, civic, and/or community organization

  • Share our digital correspondence on your social media sites and encourage your friends to share it as well

  • Participate in our neighborhood walks and phone zap campaign to inform the community of our campaign and solicit their support

  • Serve as a campaign representative at the poll sites on election day encouraging persons to support our campaign

We believe that “TOGETHER WE CAN” achieve the impossible, accomplish the improbable, and access the unattainable. Our campaign recognizes that the power of our collective voice speaks louder than individual utterances.

If you believe that we are “STRONGER TOGETHER”, “MIGHTIER TOGETHER”, and “BETTER TOGETHER” you are invited to join our campaign.

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